Lidl Kingston Breakfast run - tale of a tail runner

Lidl Kingston Breakfast run - tale of a tail runner


Lidl Kingston Breakfast run was my longest run ahead of London marathon.Starting at 8am my alarm was set for 5.50am! The route took us up over Kingston bridge, along the river to Hampton Court palace, down into Thames Ditton and back up to Kingston 2 and a bit times.

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I've never been a strong runner - I played in goal at hockey for over a decade and the main (original) reason was I could fit a lot of clothes under my keeper's kit and I couldn't run out of the D. So the idea of the 20 mile run was mentally very tough for me.

I recently read Martin Yelling's race day tips in the London Marathon magazine and he talked about running your own race. He recommended to think of the race as a tide, let people over take as the tide goes out and stick to your own pace. Don't worry about the tide while it's out, then in the final section the tide will come back in. This really helped me at the start when I was getting overtaken but sticking to my pace. But then I was at the back for the entire race.

Now I've run a few races where I've been near the back but being the last runner was really tough. You always know someone comes last but you always hope it's not you. But when it is - it is tough both physically and mentally. I honestly had a little blub when I got passed before mile 5 by the leader of the 8/16 route that started 30mins after me! The reason was: he still found breath to tell me I was doing good and keep going despite running sub 6min miles.

So before you judge my finish time I thought I'd share some of my race stats: •  First and foremost I finished, there were at least two people I passed who DNF'ed with injuries (hopefully not too serious) •  I ran at PB pace through 8, 10 and 13.1 miles •  Massive blisters slowed my progress but I still took 4minutes off the time I ran 18miles in last week •  Beyond this point I pushed into unknown territory and ran 2.2miles further than I'd ever run before


This was all 6 months to the day I was discharged from hospital with an infection the size of grapefruit in my abdomen - making it to the start line was a massive win in itself for me. I've done everything I can to get myself to the start line of London marathon prepared and ready, I just hope this is enough to get me round the extra 6miles!

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